About Katie

I’ve gone by Chase, Kaydence, and most recently Katie… Call me what you’re comfortable with or what you know, but I prefer Katie. I’m here to keep you informed about me and to entertain you with with my sense and nonsense. I’m just a simple girl attracted to complicated people bound by impossible situations.

I feel a little on the narcissistic side writing all this, but you’re reading it so here goes…

I have a strong desire for something, and unattainable would be an inappropriate adjective. Everyone wants to be understood; I’m no exception. I am a very loving friendly person who usually makes friends very easily, sometimes to my disadvantage.  I feel like I have a completely different perception of myself than everyone else has of me. I’m still trying to decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I remember meaningless things. I don’t like drama or bullshit so if that’s what you’re here to cause just go away now.  I can be very talkative or completely reserved. I like it that way.  At times, I’m bad with my phone, if you are my friend you know not to take it personal it just means I’m in “Katie Land.”  I like to daydream; you could say it’s a childhood habit I ceased to rid of.  I love being surrounded by bodies of water, whether it is a lake, ocean, or just a pool.  Dancing is fun to me, no matter if it’s in my under-pants cleaning my place, at a red light in my car, or randomly at a bar with friends.  I like nice things, but I work for them, I’m not materialistic. I probably tan too much. I can’t stand negative people. What’s the point of being a bitch? It’s annoying. I don’t like being told what to do. I’m restless. I have a hard time listening to songs all the way through. I can find something beautiful in everybody. Screw me over I will drop you like a hot potato… That’s me in a nutshell. :)